Hayley Nixon (RSA) -Vaikobi Race Team

Vaikobi Ocean Performance was established in Sydney, Australia in 2012 with a clear mission to increase performance and comfort on the water, by creating the world’s most innovative technical apparel for ocean athletes.

With over a decade of experience in the technical watersports apparel industry and a lifetime of ocean sport addiction, the Vaikobi design team is all about creating gear that we love to wear to improve our own experiences on the water.

Over our formative years, Vaikobi has worked with Top South African Paddle Athletes and World Champions, Hayley Nixon and Sean Rice, who have been instrumental to Vaikobi's brand and product development internationally.

Sean Rice (RSA)- Vaikobi Race Team

For many years, South African paddlers were only able to access Vaikobi gear internationally and Vaikobi gear was not available in South Africa.

Fast forward to 2019 and we are extremely excited that South African paddlers are now available to purchase our fantastic performance gear from our dedicated Vaikobi South Africa website.



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